Complete Blues Guitar Method: Intermediate Blues Guitar (2nd Edition)
By Matt Smith
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ISBN 10: 0739095374
ISBN 13: 9780739095379
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Series: Complete Method
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
The second book and DVD in The Complete Blues Guitar Method, this package is great for guitarists who know the basics of the blues and are ready to take the next step. Topics include blues techniques, phrasing, R&B and blues-funk fills, non-scale tones, chord extensions and substitutions, and more. Start with a quick review of basic materials and finish by learning the "licks of the masters." Included are examples in the styles of legendary players like B. B. King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. This edition also features new licks in the styles of contemporary blues guitarists like John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, and Keb' Mo', and includes brand-new video hosted by expert educator and guitar virtuoso Jared Meeker with exciting demonstrations of examples and techniques. If you have completed Beginning Blues Guitar, or you are an advanced beginner, Intermediate Blues Guitar takes you to the next level.
Right-Hand Development
Secrets of the Blues!-Blues Philosophy
Relative Minor
Chapter 5-Soloing
Gary Clark, Jr
Joe Bonamassa
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Non-Scale Tones
Breaking Out of Pentatonic Patterns
Chapter 2-Theory
Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics
Chapter 6-More About Soloing
Resolving to 3 and Flat 7
Double-Stop 3rds
The Major Pentatonic Scale
Rhythmic Notation
A Guide to Tablature (TAB)
Roman Numerals
Reading Scale and Chord Diagrams
B. B. King
Albert King
Freddie King
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
How to Read Music
Dominant Double-Stops
Double-Stop 6ths
Double-Stop 4ths
Minor Blues Double-Stops
Chapter 7-Licks of the Masters
Chapter 4-A Quick Technique Review
Bent-Note Vibrato
Chord Extensions and Substitutions
Dominant Blues Substitutions
Minor Blues Substitutions
Shuffle Comping
Sliding Chord Forms
Funky Blues Rhythm Fills
Rhythm & Blues Fills
Swing Eighths
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Chord Scale Quiz
The 12-Bar Blues
Chapter 3-Blues Rhythm Guitar
About the Author
Chapter 1-Getting Started
The Music Alphabet
The Guitar Fretboard
The Major Scale
Major Scale and Key
Key Signatures
Natural Minor Scale
Chord Scales-Diatonic Harmony
Interval Inversion
Chord Extensions
Dominant Chords
Chord Quiz