Chilli Salsa
By Loreta Fin
Item: 76-32799S
UPC: 038081357089
PRICE: $7.00
Series: Wilfin String Orchestra: Young String Ensemble Series
Category: String Orchestra
Format: Conductor Score
Instrument: String Orchestra
Level: 1.5-2
Syncopated rhythms require the musician to “feel” rather than “read” the notes. However, recognizing the “look” of a rhythm is helpful and indeed essential in order to be able to sight-read well. Similarly, the placement of accents can alter a very simple rhythm and turn it into a more complicated sounding one. This piece utilzses accents and different groupings of quavers to discover the wonderful rhythms used in Salsa music and dance. The key is G Major, so the first two basic finger patterns are reinforced. Most of the rhythms can be taught in groups, for example, the violins and violas play the same rhythm, against the celli and basses playing another, making the piece quick to teach in a busy term or semester. Simple percussion could be added to give this piece a real South American feel. (1:37)