Celebrated Jazzy Solos, Book 1
10 Solos in Jazz Styles for Late Elementary Pianists
By Robert D. Vandall
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ISBN 10: 0739061151
ISBN 13: 9780739061152
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Series: Celebrated
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Elementary
Boogie, blues, ragtime, swing and other jazz styles are irresistible to most pianists, but not always accessible to student pianists. Composer Robert Vandall has removed all barriers to successful student performances, by making sure that each "jazzy solo" in this Celebrated series cleverly introduces students to a specific jazz scale, harmony, rhythm or form. Book 1 contains favorite Vandall jazz solos, as well as some newly composed pieces. Titles: Blues Jaunt * Bruce’s Boogie * Hammock Blues * Harmony Rag * Hurry Up! * Sidewalk Strut * Slide Easy * Stepping Stones * Stomping Five * Two Hands Boogie. "Harmony Rag" and "Stomping Five" are Federation Festivals 2014-2016 selections.
Hurry Up!
Blues Jaunt
Bruce's Boogie
Hammock Blues
Harmony Rag
Two Hands Boogie
Stomping Five
Sidewalk Strut
Slide Easy
Stepping Stones