Carcassi: Melodic and Progressive Etudes, Opus 60
An Alfred Classical Guitar Masterwork Edition
[Matteo Carcassi] Fingerings by Aaron Shearer with performance notes by Thomas Kikta, Kami Rowan, and Ricardo Cobo
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Series: Alfred Classical Guitar Masterworks
Category: Classical Guitar Folio
Format: Book & Online Audio
Instrument: Guitar
Classical guitarists, both students and professional performers, require the same high-quality editions that their pianist colleagues have come to expect from Alfred Music. Our Classical Guitar Masterwork Editions continue the Alfred tradition of providing carefully edited, beautifully presented music for practice and performance.

This edition of Carcassi's Melodic and Progressive Etudes, Op. 60 includes the thoughtful fingerings of Aaron Shearer, who was one of the most widely recognized and respected classical guitar teachers in America. These studies have long been a cornerstone of the technical and musical development of classical guitar students everywhere. In this edition, Thomas Kikta, Kami Rowan, and Ricardo Cobo---all former students of Aaron Shearer and renowned guitarists in their own right---contribute performance notes and advice that Shearer provided his students as they studied this repertoire. For the first time, Shearer's approach to fingering and performance of these important etudes is available in print. A recording of all the etudes performed by classical guitar virtuoso Ricardo Cobo is included and can be streamed online or downloaded.
Etude No. 1
Etude No. 2
Etude No. 3
Etude No. 4
Etude No. 5
Etude No. 6
Etude No. 7
Etude No. 8
Etude No. 9
Etude No. 10
Etude No. 11
Etude No. 12
Etude No. 13
Etude No. 14
Etude No. 15
Etude No. 16
Etude No. 17
Etude No. 18
Etude No. 19
Etude No. 20
Etude No. 21
Etude No. 22
Etude No. 23
Etude No. 24
Etude No. 25
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