Ben Folds: The Best Imitation of Myself (A Retrospective)
Ben Folds
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ISBN 13: 9780739086681
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Format: Book
Instrument: Piano/Vocal/Chords
Version: Piano/Vocal/Chords
From the Ben Folds Five era to his prolific catalog of solo works, the 22 pieces in this deluxe sheet music collection will delight any pianist who is a fan of Ben Folds. It's the most comprehensive Ben Folds sheet music collection published to date! Nearly 200 pages detail every song from Disc 1 of his 2011 multi-disc retrospective, plus four bonus selections. Titles: * Brick * Annie Waits * Philosophy * Underground * Landed * One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces * Don't Change Your Plans * The Luckiest * Smoke * Rockin' the Suburbs * Kate * Gracie * Still Fighting It * You Don't Know Me * There's Always Someone Cooler Than You * Still * From Above * House * All U Can Eat * Fred Jones, Part 2 * Picture Window * Zak and Sara.
You Don’t Know Me Ben Folds (composer)
One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces Ben Folds (composer)
Rockin' the Suburbs Ben Folds (composer)
There's Always Someone Cooler Than You Ben Folds (composer)
Zak and Sara Ben Folds (composer)
The Luckiest Ben Folds (composer)
Gracie Ben Folds (composer)
Still Fighting It Ben Folds (composer)
All U Can Eat Ben Folds (composer)
Annie Waits Ben Folds (composer)
Landed Ben Folds (composer)
Still Ben Folds (composer)
Fred Jones Pt. 2 a/k/a Part 2 Ben Folds (composer)
Philosophy Ben Folds (composer)
Underground Ben Folds (composer)
Don't Change Your Plans Ben Folds (composer)
Kate Ben Folds (composer)
Picture Window Ben Folds (composer); Nick Hornby (lyricist)
Smoke Ben Folds (composer)
House Ben Folds (composer)
From Above Ben Folds (composer); Nick Hornby (lyricist)
Brick Ben Folds (composer); Darren Jesse (composer)