Ben Folds Presents University A Cappella!
Ben Folds
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UPC: 038081378282
ISBN 10: 0739065300
ISBN 13: 9780739065303
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Category: Choral Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Choir
Voicing: Mixed voices, a cappella
Sing the a cappella versions of Ben Folds songs that the artist curated for the album University A Cappella!. Titles: Not the Same * Jesusland * Brick * You Don't Know Me * Still Fighting It * Boxing * Selfless, Cold and Composed * Magic * Landed * Time * Effington * Evaporated * Fred Jones Part 2 * Army * Fair * The Luckiest.
Time Ben Folds (composer)
Fair Ben Folds (composer)
Army Ben Folds (composer)
Selfless, Cold and Composed Ben Folds (composer)
Brick Ben Folds (composer); Darren Jesse (composer)
Boxing Ben Folds (composer)
You Don’t Know Me Ben Folds (composer)
Effington Ben Folds (composer)
Still Fighting It Ben Folds (composer)
Fred Jones Pt. 2 a/k/a Part 2 Ben Folds (composer)
The Luckiest Ben Folds (composer)
Landed Ben Folds (composer)
Jesusland Ben Folds (composer)
Not the Same Ben Folds (composer)
Magic Darren Jesse (composer)
Evaporated Ben Folds (composer)