Belwin Contest Winners, Book 2
12 Original Piano Solos from the Libraries of Belwin-Mills and Summy-Birchard
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ISBN 10: 0739092790
ISBN 13: 9780739092798
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Series: Belwin Contest Winners
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Elementary / Late Elementary
Exciting piano solos are motivating for students, as well as thrilling for audiences. Thoughtfully written and carefully graded original compositions are essential for every piano studio and produce successful learning experiences for students. Over the years, Belwin-Mills and Summy-Birchard produced extensive libraries of quality elementary and intermediate supplementary piano music. The pieces included in this series represent the two companies' most popular and effective solos drawn from festival and contest lists. Book 2 is for elementary through late elementary students and the pieces are placed in approximate order of difficulty. Titles: Astronauts Salute * At the Trading Post * Blinky the Robot * Cool Blue * First Sonatina in F Major * The Frisky Filly * The Golden Harp * March of the Ghosts * Night Clouds * Pagoda * Quiet Lagoon * Tricky Traffic. "Night Clouds" and "Pagoda" are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections.
Tricky Traffic Louise Garrow (composer)
At the Trading Post Louise Garrow (composer)
Quiet Lagoon Jon George (composer)
Night Clouds Lynn Freeman Olson (composer)
The Frisky Filly Martha Mier (composer)
Cool Blue Louise Garrow (composer)
Blinky the Robot David Carr Glover (composer)
The Golden Harp David Carr Glover (composer)
March of the Ghosts Charles Donald Porter (composer)
Pagoda Lynn Freeman Olson (composer)
Astronauts Salute Stephen Burch (composer)
First Sonatina in F Major Hazel Cobb (composer)