Beginning Bass for Adults
The Grown-Up Approach to Playing Bass
By Dave Overthrow
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ISBN 10: 073909307X
ISBN 13: 9780739093078
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Series: For Adults
Category: Bass Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Bass Guitar
This fun and friendly step-by-step introduction to bass is written with the adult learner in mind. It is both a great self-teaching book and a great method for use with an instructor. Beginning Bass for Adults covers how to play scales, bass lines, and songs with easy-to-read examples in standard music notation and TAB. Blues, rock, reggae, and funk styles are covered, plus exciting techniques like slap & pop. In addition, detailed photographs and diagrams help simplify the learning process. A CD demonstrating all the examples in the book is included.
Rasta Riff
Key Signatures---The Key of G Major
The Key of D Major
Rock 'n' Roll Bass Line in D
Rockin' with Eighths in G
The Key of F Major
Halves & Eighths in F
Dotted Quarter Note
Review of G and F Major
Boogie in G
Major Dots in F
Cut Time
The Eighth Rest
Lesson 6: The Major Scale
The Tie
Terrific Ties
Towering Ties
The Repeat Sign
8 Bars in C
Tune for Twelve
Eighth Notes
Eight to the Bar
Major Chords in G
Minor Chords
Major and Minor Chord Tune
Augmented and Diminished Chords
Chords of the Major Scale
Lesson 1: The Open Strings
Muted Notes
Reading Music---Pitch
Reading Music---Time
Funk in E
Funk for Two
High C
Three-String Reggae
Lesson 5: Notes on the 4th String
Notes on All Four Strings
All Four One
Bass Fingerboard Chart
8ths Are Dominant
Swing Eighth Notes
Swingin' with 8ths
Bluesy 8th Swing
Take It Slow
16-Bar Blues
16-Bar Blues in G
Slow Blues
Holding the Bass
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
D Mixolydian Riff
More Mixo
Blues with Mixo
Parts of the Bass
Mixolydian Riffs
3 Chords in G
Ballad in G
Funky G
Octa Funk
Eighth-Note Triplet Blues
About the Author
Blues Scale Riff Tune
Minor 7th Chord
Reggae in A Minor
How to Use This Book
The Dorian Mode
Lesson 2: Notes on the 1st String
Dotted Half Note Time
Triple Treat
Muted Note Funk
Muted but Heard
Introduction to Slap & Pop
Mixing Matters
The Slap
Blues Scale
Buying Your Bass
Dorian Dance
A Dorian Rock Riff
The Mixolydian Mode
Major Pentatonic Scale
Rockabilly Blues
8th-Note Rockabilly
Dominant 7th Chords
Dominant 7th Rockabilly Groove
Lesson 3: Notes on the 2nd String
Notes on the 1st and 2nd String
Lesson 4: Notes on the 3rd String
Slap Bass Lines
The Pop
Slap & Pop Bass Lines
Notes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Strings
Slap & Pop with 10ths
Country Kid
Samba in D
Sixteenth Notes
Rockin' the House in C
Dotted Eighth Note
Dotted Eighth Note 8-Bar Blues in C
The Eighth-Note Triplet
Blues Turnarounds
Bass Tablature
Intervals of the Major Scale
Major Chords
I-vi-IV-V Eighth-Note Boogie
Introducing the Blues
The Blues Quick Four
Tuning Your Bass
I-IV-V Chord Progression
I-IV-V Reggae
I-vi-IV-V Chord Progression
I-vi-IV-V Bass Lines
I-vi-IV-V in A