Beginning Bass for Adults
The Grown-Up Approach to Playing Bass
By Dave Overthrow
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ISBN 10: 073909307X
ISBN 13: 9780739093078
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Series: For Adults
Category: Bass Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Bass Guitar
This fun and friendly step-by-step introduction to bass is written with the adult learner in mind. It is both a great self-teaching book and a great method for use with an instructor. Beginning Bass for Adults covers how to play scales, bass lines, and songs with easy-to-read examples in standard music notation and TAB. Blues, rock, reggae, and funk styles are covered, plus exciting techniques like slap & pop. In addition, detailed photographs and diagrams help simplify the learning process. A CD demonstrating all the examples in the book is included.
Augmented and Diminished Chords
Funky G
Octa Funk
Dotted Eighth Note
Samba in D
Sixteenth Notes
Rockin' the House in C
Ballad in G
Tuning Your Bass
8th-Note Rockabilly
About the Author
Chords of the Major Scale
I-IV-V Chord Progression
I-IV-V Reggae
I-vi-IV-V Chord Progression
I-vi-IV-V Bass Lines
I-vi-IV-V in A
I-vi-IV-V Eighth-Note Boogie
How to Use This Book
Buying Your Bass
Introducing the Blues
Three-String Reggae
Lesson 5: Notes on the 4th String
Notes on All Four Strings
All Four One
Reggae in A Minor
The Dorian Mode
Dorian Dance
A Dorian Rock Riff
Dotted Quarter Note
Slap & Pop with 10ths
Bass Fingerboard Chart
Rock 'n' Roll Bass Line in D
Rockin' with Eighths in G
The Key of F Major
Halves & Eighths in F
The Key of D Major
Slap & Pop Bass Lines
Key Signatures---The Key of G Major
3 Chords in G
The Slap
Slap Bass Lines
The Pop
Lesson 6: The Major Scale
The Tie
Terrific Ties
Mixolydian Riffs
D Mixolydian Riff
More Mixo
Towering Ties
Blues with Mixo
The Repeat Sign
8 Bars in C
Tune for Twelve
Funk in E
Eighth Notes
Funk for Two
High C
The Mixolydian Mode
The Eighth-Note Triplet
Eighth-Note Triplet Blues
Bass Tablature
The Blues Quick Four
Blues Turnarounds
Major Pentatonic Scale
Rockabilly Blues
Parts of the Bass
Holding the Bass
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
Lesson 1: The Open Strings
Swingin' with 8ths
Reading Music---Pitch
Reading Music---Time
Dominant 7th Chords
Dominant 7th Rockabilly Groove
8ths Are Dominant
Swing Eighth Notes
Country Kid
Review of G and F Major
Boogie in G
Major Dots in F
Cut Time
Lesson 3: Notes on the 2nd String
Notes on the 1st and 2nd String
Lesson 4: Notes on the 3rd String
16-Bar Blues in G
Blues Scale
Blues Scale Riff Tune
Notes on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Strings
Minor 7th Chord
Lesson 2: Notes on the 1st String
Dotted Half Note Time
Triple Treat
Bluesy 8th Swing
Slow Blues
Take It Slow
Mixing Matters
16-Bar Blues
Major Chords
Major Chords in G
Minor Chords
Major and Minor Chord Tune
Intervals of the Major Scale
Introduction to Slap & Pop
Eight to the Bar
The Eighth Rest
Rasta Riff
Muted Notes
Muted Note Funk
Muted but Heard
Dotted Eighth Note 8-Bar Blues in C