BBE Sonic Sweet Sonic Maximizer Plug-Ins Software
Sonic Maximizer Software for Your Computer -- Supports Mac and PC Users
UPC: 791018482451
PRICE: No Longer Available
Series: BBE
Category: Pro Audio Accessories
Format: Accessory
Building on the success of the D82 Sonic Maximizer plug-in, BBE's Sonic Sweet is a suite of professional plug-ins useful for every facet of digital audio production, from tracking and editing to mixing and mastering. It contains three different maximizer programs, the D82Sonic Maximizer, the H82 Harmonic Maximizer, and the L82 Loudness Maximizer. The D82 is the latest Sonic Maximizer application in a easy-to-use plug-in that restores natural clarity and depth to the sound image. The H82 Harmonic Maximizer is a multi-band enhancer that generates harmonics for adding emphasis to frequencies, from low-end punch to top-end sizzle. The L82 Loudness Maximizer is an effective, easy-to-use mastering/dynamics limiter that fattens up tracks for a polished, professional feel.