BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer Pro Rackmount
Item: 99-882I
UPC: 791018882107
PRICE: No Longer Available
Series: BBE
Category: Pro Audio Accessories
Format: Accessory
The BBE 882i Stereo Sonic Maximizer restores natural brilliance and clarity to an audio signal by the use of two integrated functions. First, it adjusts the phase relationships between the low, mid, and high frequencies through adding progressively longer delay times to lower frequencies, creating a kind of mirror curve to neutralize the effect of loudspeaker phase distortion. Second, the Sonic Maximizer augments higher and lower frequencies as loudspeakers tend to be less efficient in their extreme treble and bass ranges. The end result is a dynamic, program-driven restoration which reveals more of the natural texture and detail in the sound without causing fatigue that is often associated with exciter effects, psychoacoustic processors, or excessive use of equalizers. It fits in a single rack space and is the perfect complement to a PA or recording system. The 882i includes fully balanced 3 pin XLR connectors on the rear panel.