An Introduction to His Piano Works
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Known as a "pianist's composer," Chopin's love, passion and devotion to piano music resulted in more than 200 compositions. This collection contains the more accessible pieces which still have vivid melodies and lush harmonies. The Alfred Masterwork CD Editions conveniently combine each exceptional volume with a professionally recorded CD that is sure to inspire artistic performances.

Pianist Valery Lloyd-Watts studied at the Conservatory of Music in Toronto and the Royal College of Music in London. She earned a Master of Music degree from the University of Wisconsin, where she studied with Paul Badura-Skoda.
Cantabile in B-Flat Major
Largo in E-Flat Major
Mazurka in A Minor [Op. 67, No. 4]
Mazurka in B-Flat Major [Op. 7, No. 1]
Mazurka in C Major [Op. 67, No. 3]
Mazurka in F Major [Op. 68, No. 3]
Mazurka in G Minor [Op. 67, No. 2]
Nocturne in C Minor
Polonaise in A-Flat Major
Polonaise in B-Flat Major
Polonaise in G Minor
Prelude in A Major [Op. 28, No. 7]
Prelude in B Minor [Op. 28, No. 6]
Prelude in C Minor [Op. 28, No. 20]
Prelude in E Minor [Op. 28, No. 4]
Waltz in A Minor
Waltz in A-Flat Major [Op. 69, No. 1]
Waltz in B Minor [Op. 69, No. 2]