An American Approach to World Percussion
A Practical Method for the Development of Jazz Applications to Hand Percussion Instruments
By Tom Teasley
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An American Approach to World Percussion offers Western-trained percussionists a systematic approach from which to draw on their experience as drumset players and rudimental performers, and apply that knowledge to a variety of world percussion instruments. Applications for djembe, doumbek, tambourines, shakers and more are combined, often with four-part coordination. In addition, techniques are frequently interchanged among instruments to demonstrate the commonality of approaches. While this is not a substitute for traditional study of these instruments, An American Approach to World Percussion is a comprehensive study of world percussion from an American jazz perspective. It should also broaden the horizons of those already familiar with traditional applications of these instruments by offering a jazz sensibility. Above all, the student is encouraged to use this material to ignite their own imagination to develop a personal connection with the vast world of world music. Includes over one hour of video instruction.
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Palm Drums
Rudimental Exercises
Other Applications
Hand and Brush Technique
Walking Bass Line
The 6/8 Cascara
Triplet Partials
The Pandeiro Stroke on Palm Drums
One-Hand Tumbao
Frame Drum
Split-Hand Technique
South Italian Flip Stroke
Snap Stroke
Frame Drum with Backbeat Groove Exercises