Alfred's Pro Audio Series: Modern Live Sound
A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide to Mixing for Today’s Sound Reinforcement Engineer
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ISBN 10: 0739064029
ISBN 13: 9780739064023
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Series: Alfred's Pro Audio Series
Category: Pro Audio DVD
Format: DVD
This hands-on approach to learning the art of sound mixing is a must-have for anyone entering, or re-entering, the world of live sound. Whether you are mixing sound for a small local club, touring for the first time with your band, or considering a full-time career as a live sound engineer, this video will get you up to speed with today's live sound reinforcement systems. Learn from informative visuals accompanied by expert advice, tips, and tricks from seasoned professionals. Both digital and analog consoles are covered. Modern Live Sound is the perfect video to help you learn everything you need to know about running your sound system with expert results every time!

"Many guitarists believe that analog is infinitely better than digital. Professional live sound, however, is not dictated by this mentality. Modern Live Sound is a DVD that bridges the gap between the analog world of live sound gear that many guitarists are familiar with and the latest generation of equipment." ---Premier Guitar