Alfred's Music Note Teacher: All-In-One Flashcard (White)
Teaches Rapid Note Recognition * Teaches Note Stem Direction * Teaches Direction and Distance
Item: 99-MNT001
UPC: 718148500145
PRICE: $7.99
Series: All-In-One Flashcard
Category: Piano - Teaching Supplement
Format: Flash Cards
Instrument: Piano
Experience dynamite results learning notes with Alfred's Music Note Teacher. This excellent teaching aid provides an interactive way to learn basic note reading concepts of direction and distance, note stem direction, intervals, and more!

How It Works:
*Turn to the side without note names.
*Slide the note to any position on the staves.
*If you know the name of the note, say it. If you don't know the name of the note, turn the flashcard over to view the answer.
*Continue this process to master all the note names.