Alfred's Guitar Strings: Storage Bin
Item: 99-42656
UPC: 038081480985
PRICE: $24.99
Category: Accessories
Format: Accessory
Instrument: Guitar
Version: Wire Frame Bin with 2 Compartments
Whether it's for your guitar shop, studio, or repair room, this bin is a perfect solution for storing and displaying multiple sets of guitar strings. Crafted with a high-quality black wire frame, you can easily hang the bin on pegboard or slatwall using the dual prongs on the back of the fixture, or simply place on your table or countertop as a freestanding solution. Measuring 10.75" tall by 5" wide, you can comfortably store more than a dozen sets of Alfred's Guitar Strings on each row. The top row measures 6" deep, while the bottom row measures 7" deep. This allows you to effortlessly grab your next set of strings from the top or bottom row.