Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: Software, Version 2.0 CD-ROM Lab Pack, Complete Volume
For 10 computers (1 Educator, 9 Students) ($40 for each additional user)
By Andrew Surmani, Karen Farnum Surmani, and Morton Manus
Item: 00-19350
UPC: 038081178080
ISBN 10: 0739006002
ISBN 13: 9780739006009
PRICE: $599.95
Series: Essentials of Music Theory
Category: Textbook - General
Format: Software
Correlating software for the most complete music theory course ever! This all-in-one series includes concise lessons with short exercises, ear-training activities and reviews. Available in two separate volumes or as a complete set, the software includes narration, animated examples and clickable elements for aural reinforcement. Also includes randomized exercises, ear training and review answers. A glossary of all terms and symbols with definitions, pronunciations, and visual and aural examples is also included. The Lab Pack for 10 computers includes the ability to access unlimited multiple student records, a custom test generator, printing of class lists, and exporting and importing of student records in batch. It includes 1 Educator disc and 9 student discs. Each machine running the program will need to have the disc in the CD-ROM drive. With the lab pack, the computers are not networked. Network Versions are also available separately and offer additional functionality.