Alfred's Basic Rock Guitar Method 1
The Most Popular Series for Learning How to Play
By Nathaniel Gunod, L. C. Harnsberger, and Ron Manus
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ISBN 13: 9780739098783
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Series: Alfred's Basic Guitar Library
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book, CD & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Recognized for over 50 years as the best-paced and most comprehensive guitar method available, Alfred's Basic Guitar Method has introduced over 5 million beginners to the joy of playing guitar. Alfred's Basic Rock Guitar Method provides a completely new approach to learning guitar for students who want to play in the rock style. By starting on the 6th string, you are immediately able to play riffs and licks that inspire guitarists to continue learning and have fun doing it! The book features clear, well-paced instruction along with large photographs of fingerings that are expected in the Alfred's Basic series. The CD includes performances of all the music in the book with authentic-sounding backing tracks. Learning to play has never been easier or more fun than with Alfred's Basic Guitar Methods---the best choice for today's beginning guitar students.

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Nice Attire
Eighth Notes
Eighth-Note Exercise
Rainforest Romp
The Second String B
Classic Rock Lick
Five-String Rock
Satisfying Lick
Rock Lick 1
Rock Lick 1 with a Bend
Rock Lick 2
The E Minor Pentatonic Scale
1950s Rock Lick
Two Positions on the 5th String
Aura Lee
House of the Rising Sun
Two-String Rock
Playing Two Notes Together: Blues Patterns
E Blues Boogie
A Blues Boogie
Easy Rock Riffs on the 5th and 6th Strings
Repeat Signs
King Louie
As I Arrive
Move Up the Neck on the 6th String
Ferrous Guy
Practice A, B, and C
They Can Rock
The Fourth String D
Fourth-String Riff
Two Positions on the 6th String
Move Up the Neck on the 5th String
Practice D, E, and F
Foggy Lake
Ladder to the Sky
Crazy Kid
Playing Two Notes Together
Move Up the Neck on the 4th String
Two Positions on the 4th String
Move Up the Neck on the 3rd String
Two Positions on the 3rd String
Bop the Blitz
Rock and Blues Licks and Tricks
The Left Hand
How to Tune Your Guitar
Getting Acquainted with Music
The Sixth String E
Doo Dah, Poo Bah
Eleven Classic Rock Strumming Patterns
Rough Evening
Always Been Crazy
Sixth-String Riff 1
Keep It to Yourself
Four Kinds of Notes
Time Signatures
The Fifth String A
Jamming on 5 and 6
Signs of Silence
Take a Rest
Ugly Times
Stop-Time Bass Line
The Third String G
Quarter Rest
Ode to Joy
More on Power Chords
Power Chords Are Moveable
Power Chord Rock
More Power Chord Rock
Rockabilly Sound
Six-String G Chord
Sharps, Flats, and Naturals
The Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Rock
Bluesy Accidentals
Sixth-String Riff 2
More Riffs
Still More Riffs
Rockin' Bass Line
Sound-Off: How to Count Time
Wet Duet
Minor Two-Chord Rock
Introducing High A
Rockin' in Dorian Mode
Ellis Island
The Parts of Your Guitar
Four-String D7 Chord
D7 and A7 Chord Exercise
D7 Chord with Notes
Six-String E Chord
The Electric Guitar
Which Guitar Is Best for Me?
How to Hold Your Guitar
The Amplifier
Eighth-Note Slash Exercise
Strumming Exercise with E Chord
Five-String A Chord
Minor and Major
The Right Hand
Vacate the Sky
Power Chords
Three-Chord Progression
Down You Go
Rock Duet
Chords in Standard Notation
Chords in Notes
Rockin' the Bach
Party, Party
The Major Scale
C Major Scale Exercise
Six-String Em Chord
12-Bar Blues Duet
Good Times Bad Times
Guitar Fingerboard Chart
Em Strumming Exercise
Five-String A7 Chord
Strumming the A7 Chord
Incomplete Measures or Pickups
Give Me a Hand, Lady
Rockin' in D
The First String E
Jamming with E, F, and G
Pentatonic Lick 2
1950s Blues-Rock Tune
A Minor Pentatonic Scale
A Minor Pentatonic Call and Response
Blues in 3
Classic Rock Lick with 5s and 7s
The Acoustic Guitar
Introducing the Eighth-Note Slash
Strumming Em and A7 Chords
Don't Miss the Train
Pentatonic Lick 1
Quarter-Note Slash
Certificate of Promotion