Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book 6
By Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, and Amanda Vick Lethco
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ISBN 10: 0739018604
ISBN 13: 9780739018606
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Series: Alfred's Basic Piano Library
Category: Piano - Alfred's Basic Piano Library
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Level 6
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and note reading through interval recognition. Level 6 concepts include: a review of major and minor triads; diminished and augmented triads; the diminished seventh chord; a special style of pedaling; the key of F-sharp Minor; the E Major scale; the key of C-sharp minor; the A-flat Major scale; thirty-second notes; and dotted sixteenth notes. This book also contains an important daily scale routine and a dictionary of musical terms. For reinforcement of each principle as it is introduced, supplementary material is carefully coordinated, page for page, at each level of instruction. Correlated supplemental books for Level 6 include: Ear Training * Recital * Theory and Top Hits! Solo. Songs include: Ay-Ay-Ay * Shenandoah * Barcarolle (Morovsky) * Blue Rondo * A Classy Rag * Deep River * Dry Bones * Fascination (Marchetti) * Festive Dance * Fur Elise (Beethoven) * Hungarian Dance * Jazz Ostinato in C-sharp Minor * La Folia (Theme and Variations) * Menuet, French Suite No. 6 (Bach ) * Music Machine (Palmer) * Prelude in D Minor (Clementi) * Scherzo (Kabalevsky) * Solfeggio (C. P. E. Bach) * Theme from Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky) * Toccata (Palmer) * Variations on "Canon in D" (Pachelbel) * Waltz Impromptu (Kullak)
A Classy Rag Amanda Vick Lethco (editor); Morton Manus (editor); Willard A. Palmer (composer)
Ay-Ay-Ay South American Folk Song (source)
Barcarolle Alexander Morovsky (composer)
Blue Rondo Amanda Vick Lethco (editor); Morton Manus (editor); Willard A. Palmer (composer)
Deep River Folk Song (source)
Dry Bones Folk Song (source)
Fascination F. Marschetti (composer)
Festive Dance Amanda Vick Lethco (editor); Morton Manus (editor); Willard A. Palmer (composer)
Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Hungarian Dance Folk Song (source)
Jazz Ostinato in C-Sharp Minor Amanda Vick Lethco (editor); Morton Manus (editor); Willard A. Palmer (composer)
La Folia (Theme and Variations) Amanda Vick Lethco (editor); Morton Manus (editor); Willard A. Palmer (composer)
Menuet from French Suite No. 6 in E Major Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
Music Machine Willard Palmer (composer)
Prelude in D Minor Muzio Clementi (composer)
Scherzo (A Musical Joke) Dmitri Kabalevsky (composer)
Shenandoah Folk Song (source)
Solfeggio in C Minor Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (composer)
Theme from Symphony No. 6 (First Movement) Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)
Toccata Willard Palmer (composer)
Variations on the Theme from the Celebrated Canon Johann Pachelbel (composer)
Waltz Impromptu Nicholas Kullak (composer)