Alfred's Basic 5-String Banjo Method 1
The Most Popular Method for Learning How to Play
By Dan Fox and Dick Weissman
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ISBN 10: 0739086162
ISBN 13: 9780739086162
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Series: Alfred's Basic Banjo Library
Category: Banjo Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Banjo
Level: Beginner
Alfred's Basic 5-String Banjo Method 1 continues the Alfred Music tradition of easy-to-use, thorough, and enjoyable instruction for the absolute beginner. The basics of left- and right-hand picking are covered, including pinches, different kinds of rolls, and backup patterns. Basic left-hand techniques are introduced, including hammer-ons and slides, and chord diagrams are provided for both G-tuning and C-tuning. Important topics such as setting up the banjo, tuning, banjo heads, fingerpicks, strings, and capos are taught as well. Illustrations, diagrams, and photographs throughout the book make learning easy and fun. The accompanying CD includes 60 minutes of recordings performed by Dick Weissman that demonstrate all the exercises and songs in the book. Learning to play has never been more fun than with Alfred's Basic 5-String Banjo Method 1---the best choice for today's beginning banjo students.
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Three-Finger Pinch
Open-String Exercise
Additional Information on Banjo Heads, Strings, Bridges, and Fingerpicks
Sound-Off: How to Count Time
Red River Valley (Solo)
The Key of D
Hard, Ain't It Hard
Hard, Ain't It Hard (Version 2)
Setting Up Your Banjo
Chord Diagrams for Banjo in G Tuning
How to Tune Your Banjo
The Left Hand
The Right Hand
Getting Acquainted with Tablature
Chord Diagrams for Banjo in C Tuning
Getting Acquainted with Music
The Staff
Playing the Strings Individually
Introduction to "Down in the Valley"
Down in the Valley
Down in the Valley (Version 2)
Backup Playing
The Backward Roll
The Roving Gambler (Version 2)
The Forward-Backward Roll (Thumb Leads)
Introducing the Pickup
Bending the Strings
Red Apple Juice
The E Minor Chord with a Hammer-On
Flats, Sharps, and Naturals
Key Signatures
Position of the Right Hand When Playing
Different Ways to Pick the Strings with the Right Hand
Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes
Time Signatures
Right-Hand Picking
Naming the Notes
Tom Dooley
Earl Scruggs and the Roll
The Forward Roll
Introducing the Accent
Right-Hand Position
Feelin' Lonesome
The Alternate F Chord
Little Maggie
3/4 Time
Chords and Chords
Little Maggie Solo Variations
The D Chord
Backup Patterns
Backup Pattern 1
Backup Pattern 2
Red Apple Juice (Version 2)
C Tuning
Careless Love
Careless Love (Solo)
The Parts of Your Banjo
Choosing a Banjo
How to Hold Your Banjo
The E Minor Chord
Alternate Chords
Open-String Sequence
The D7 Chord
Changing Chords
Choice of Banjo Heads
Strings, Bridges, and Fingerpicks
Final Thoughts
Certificate of Promotion
Chord Exercise
More Chord Exercises
Train on the Island
Introducing the Pinch
Pinch Variations
Red River Valley
Tom Dooley (Version 2)
Forward Roll Variations
Other Songs
The C Chord
3/4 Pinch
The Roving Gambler
Hawthorne Hammers
The Capo
The F and G7 Chords
About Capo Notation
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (Version 2)
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (Version 3)
The Hammer-On
Hammer-Ons with the C Chord
Hammer-Ons with the G Chord