Acoustic Masters Series: Doyle Dykes Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitar
Doyle Dykes / transcr. Jon Chappell
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ISBN 10: 0757994083
ISBN 13: 9780757994081
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Series: Acoustic Masters Series
Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Doyle Dykes is the natural heir to Chet Atkins' throne. This Nashville-based virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist plays solo guitar arrangements of originals, hymns, and secular pop music with astounding feel and unheard-of technique. This volume includes Doyle's original guitar compositions and his hugely popular arrangement of The Beatles' song "Girl." Songs are: Angels Desire * Birmingham Steel * Caleb's Report * Celtic Cowboy * The Changing of the Guard * Country Fried Pickin' * Girl * The Howling of the Wood * The Jawbone * Martha's Kitchen * Miss Haley's Music Box * Misty Nights in Tokyo * The Road Back Home * Self Portrait on Acoustic Guitar * The Visitation * Wabash Cannonball * White Rose for Heidi.
Angel's Desire Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Birmingham Steele Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Caleb's Report Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Celtic Cowboy Doyle Dykes (contributor)
The Changing of the Guard Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Country Fied Pickin' Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Girl John Lennon (contributor); Paul McCartney (contributor)
Howling of the Wood Doyle Dykes (contributor)
The Jawbone Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Martha's Kitchen Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Miss Haley's Music Box Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Misty Nights in Tokyo Doyle Dykes (contributor)
The Road Back Home Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Self Portrait on Acoustic Guitar Doyle Dykes (contributor)
The Visitation Doyle Dykes (contributor)
Wabash Cannon Ball A. P. Carter (contributor)
White Rose for Heidi Doyle Dykes (contributor)