A Cappella Pop
A Complete Guide to Contemporary A Cappella Singing
By Brody McDonald
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Instrument: Choir
A Cappella pop singing . . . it's the hottest trend in the nation! Author Brody McDonald's award-winning ensemble, Eleventh Hour, was the first high school group to appear on NBC's The Sing-Off, and now you can similarly challenge your top high school and collegiate age singers with this book! With a foreword by Deke Sharon, topics include forming your ensemble, music selection, rehearsal techniques, sound reinforcement, vocal percussion, and much more!
Foreword by Deke Sharon
How to Use This Handbook
Getting Started
Chapter 1: What Are We, Anyway?
Chapter 2: The Audition
Chapter 3: So What Do We Sing?
Chapter 4: How to Structure Your Rehearsal
Chapter 5: Rehearsal Techniques
Chapter 6: Turkey Bacon
Chapter 7: Practice vs. Rehearsal
Chapter 8: The Balancing Act
Chapter 9: Planning Your Set List
Chapter 10: Your Visual Plan
Chapter 11: What to Wear?
Chapter 12: Vocal Percussion by Jake Moulton
Chapter 13: What About the Bass? with Trist Curless
Chapter 14: The Solo Vocalist with Nate Altimari
Chapter 15: Moving to the Stage
Chapter 16: Booking a Gig
Chapter 17: Live Sound for Pop A Cappella by John Gentry
Chapter 18: Microphone Technique
Chapter 19: Effects (FX) Pedals by Christopher Given Harrison
Chapter 20: A Cappella Meets PR
Chapter 21: Creating the Culture
Chapter 22: Pop A Cappella in the Classroom with Alex Phan
Chapter 23: The Feeder Program
Chapter 24: Making A Recording by Freddie Feldman
Chapter 25: The Sing-Off