60 Music Quizzes for Theory and Reading
One-page Reproducible Tests to Evaluate Student Musical Skills
By Jay Althouse
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Format: Comb Bound Book
Version: Teacher's Edition
Just what the titles says: 60 one-page quizzes on a variety of subjects related to beginning music theory and reading. Includes sections on "The Basics," "Rhythm," "Note Names," "Key Signatures," "Musical Symbols and Terms," "Time Signatures," "Keyboard Identification," and "Musical Puzzles." Perfect for student assessment. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance
*Recommended for grades 3 and up.
* 100% reproducible.
29. Identifying Notes in the Treble Clef
30. Identifying Notes in the Bass Clef
31. Match the Notes - Treble Clef
32. Match the Notes - Bass Clef
15. Barlines and Measures - Half and Eighth Note Beat
16. Dotted Notes
17. Counting Beats in a Measure I
18. Counting Beats in a Measure II
60. Crossword - Musical Terms
Answer Pages
The Basics - Staff, Notes, and Rests
1. The Musical Staff
2. Notes and Rests
Keyboard Identification
53. Keyboard Identification - White Notes
54. Keyboard Identification - White and Black Notes
Musical Puzzles
6. Note and Rest Values
7. Identifying Notes
8. Identifying Rests
9. Identifying Notes and Rests
10. Notes and Rests Math
11. Do You Know Your Notes and Rests?
12. How Many Quarter Note Beats in a Measure?
13. How Many Half and Eighth Note Beats in a Measure?
37. Major Key Signatures in Treble and Bass Clefs
38. Know Your Key Signatures
39. Note Naming with Key Signatures and Accidentals - Treble Clef
40. Note Naming with Key Signatures and Accidentals - Bass Clef
34. Know Your Notes in Two Clefs
Key Signatures
35. Major Key Signatures in the Treble Clef
44. Which Is It? Musical Symbols
45. How Loud? How Soft? Dynamics
46. Know Your Musical Dynamics
47. How Fast? How Slow? Tempo
48. Staccato, Accent, Fermata
49. Dynamics, Accent, Tenuto, Marcato
Time Signatures
50. Time Signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
51. More Time Signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
52. Advanced Time Signatures
55. Unscramble the Musical Terms
56. Word Search - Musical Terms in English
57. Word Search - Musical Terms in Italian
58. Word Search - Musical Tempo Terms
59. Crossword - The Basics of Music
36. Major Key Signatures in the Bass Clef
3. Know Your Notes and Rests
4. Note Values
5. Rest Values
41. Accidentals in Treble and Bass Clefs
Musical Symbols and Terms
42. Know Your Musical Symbols
43. Match the Musical Symbols and Terms
28. Sharps and Flats - Two Clefs
24. Note Names - Bass Clef
25. Ledger Lines
26. Sharps and Flats - Treble Clef
27. Sharps and Flats - Bass Clef
23. Note Names - Treble Clef
20. Add the Missing Rest
21. Tied Notes
22. Musical Equations
Note Names
33. Note Names - Treble and Bass Clef
19 Add the Missing Note
14. Barlines and Measures - Quarter Note Beat