Music for Little Mozarts:
Deluxe Starter Pack

High-quality 61-key standard keyboard with LCD display and touch function including:
  • 128 different instrumental and percussion timbres and rhythms
  • Touch, sustain, vibrato, transpose and dual timbre functions along with keyboard split feature and three-bank registration
  • 15 demonstration songs with tempo and
    volume control
  • Play modes including single finger, fingered chord, and chord close with sync, start, stop, intro, ending, fill, and metronome features. This also includes a rhythm programming function for record and playback
  • Outputs include: speaker (L/R), headphone jack, and MIDI jack
  • Built-in sheet music stand

Full Deluxe Music for Little Mozarts Starter Pack Includes:
  • Plush characters Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear, and Clara Schumann-Cat
  • Curriculum books including well-sequenced and quickly-paced lesson plans with correlating CDs that include all of the songs, stories, and activities. Reproducible pages provide fun activities for children to do after the lesson
  • All contained in a handy tote bag, this 10-lesson program is the perfect teacher resource for getting young children involved in a comprehensive musical experience that involves singing, movement, listening skills, and musical concepts
  • Assessment materials and correlations to the National Standards for Music Education

Music for Little Mozarts Piano Course
  • Written specifically for the preschool age group (four-, five- and six-year-olds), providing a nice balance between the child's first experience in piano study and the simple enjoyment
    of music making
  • Centers on the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ and their friends as they learn all about music
  • Each of the four levels guides the child through a comprehensive musical learning experience, using the piano, over approximately a two-year period
(00-41449) | Electric Keyboard Boxed Set | $199.99