Everything you need to begin playing the 'Ukulele, with the help
of six-time Grammy® Award winner Daniel Ho.

Daniel Ho 'Ukulele
Complete Starter Pack

'Ukulele Complete Starter Pack includes:
  • High-quality Firebrand™ concert 'Ukulele made with a Sabele wood frame and an Indonesian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Full-length Daniel Ho instructional DVD, 'Ukulele: A Beginning Method
  • Sheet music and promotional sticker for the hit song "Pineapple Mango"
  • Daniel Ho's CD, 'Ukulele Hits
  • A 'Ukulele chord chart
'Ukulele: A Beginning Method DVD features:
  • What to look for when choosing a 'Ukulele
  • Proper playing technique
  • How to practice efficiently
  • The C, F, and G Major scales
  • The main chords in the keys of C, F, and G
  • Basic strumming patterns and arpeggios
  • Improvising with pentatonic scales
  • Musical exercises featuring "Pineapple Mango," "Amazing Grace," and Pachelbel's "Canon"

(00-41470) | Concert 'Ukulele, Strap, DVD, Sheet Solo, CD & Chord Chart (Boxed Set) | $149.99

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