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Guitar Giants of Rock
Led Zeppelin
Guitar World magazine and have joined forces to bring fans an extraordinary box set of Zeppelin tabs, magazines and collectibles. With more than three hours of video lessons, 7 song transcriptions, and...(click for more)

Books & DVD
(56-37475), $29.99

Dimebag Darrell's
Riffer Madness
In this DVD, Dime's good friend and protege, metal maestro Nick Bowcott, helps pass Dime's torch to the next generation. Nick takes 97 of Dime's critical riffs and patterns and uses them as a jumping-off point to help young guitarists play their favorite guitar parts and, more importantly, understand the creativity, attitude, feeling...(click for more)

Instructional DVD
(00-35005), $24.99

Dethklok Bass Anthology
With songs selected by live Dethklok bassist Bryan Beller, this long-awaited collection features the best songs for bass from The Dethalbum and Dethalbum II. Bonus features include "The Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle," live-performance transcriptions, and an introduction by Brendon Small and Bryan Beller about the demands of playing Dethklok live... (click for more)

Authentic Bass TAB
(00-36798), $22.99

Ultimate Guitar Play-Along: Led Zeppelin
All new transcriptions and tracks drawn from more than 30 years of documentation, interviews, and recorded footage. These TABs and tracks deliver unprecedented accuracy and insight into the guitar-style of Jimmy Page... (click for more)

Vol. 1 Book & 2 CDs
(00-32422), $19.99
Vol. 2 Book & 2 CDs
(00-32425), $19.99