Faber Music Composers

Paul Harris

Faber Music Composer-Paul Harris

After studies at the Royal Academy of Music and the University of London, Paul has established an international reputation as one of the UK’s leading music educationalists.
He now has nearly six hundred publications to his name! Paul's innovative teaching techniques have found support all over the world and combine thoroughness, imagination and practicality, the defining qualities of his outstandingly successful work.

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Sight-Reading! Piano

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Teaching Beginners

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80 Graded Studies
for Saxophone

76 Graded Studies
for Flute

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Sight-Reading! Violin

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Pam Wedgwood

Alfred Author-Melody Bober

Pam has established and international reputation as one of the UK's best writers and arrangers of music in popular styles.

Pam's unique teaching style and ability to write catchy tunes has a global appeal and her books and workshops are in high demand across the world.

Piano for Fun Jazzin' About
Revised Editions with CD
After Hours It's Never Too Late...
After Hours
for Flute
Easy Jazzin' About
for Flute
Easy Jazzin' About
for Recorder
Jazzin' About
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