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Alfred Announces a Distribution Partnership with Farley’s Musical Essentials®

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, January 04, 2010

Alfred is proud to announce a distribution deal with Farley’s Musical Essentials, a manufacturer of well-known, proven accessories for today’s musician. Alfred will distribute the full line of Farley’s products, including PocketTones, Entertainer’s Secret throat spray, The StagePlayer2 guitar stand, The JP Guitar Tool, The Guitar Wheel, and more.

Farley’s products have been shown to be innovative, ‘one-of-kind’ musical gadgets that are supremely useful and essential. “The Farley’s line of accessory products has gained a reputation for being a ‘Thank goodness I have one of those…’ type of product,” says Michael Farley, CEO of Farley’s Musical Essentials. “If a product is deemed ‘essential,’ and has mass appeal with an overwhelming receptivity in market testing, Farley’s Musical Essentials will follow through with the concept and invest all it takes to bring it to market.”

“Alfred’s and Farley’s customers intersect at one time or another. Thus the relationship between the two companies makes very good sense,” says, Bob Durkee, Alfred's Director of Distribution. “We appreciate the quality and variety of product offerings that Farley’s brings to the market; and we are certain that our customers will appreciate the fact that they can order their Alfred product, and conveniently add these ‘essential’ accessories to their order as well.”

Products include:

PocketTones is a battery-operated tone generating device that is handy for any note any time. A cappella singers, quartets, and choral groups find PocketTones indispensable, especially when there is no piano or other reference instrument nearby. This great tool is even used by American Idol® coaches and contestants.



The JP Guitar Tool
The JP Guitar Tool is the best string changing tool on the market, and is engineered in America. Used by professional guitar techs around the world, it contains hardened steel Phillips and standard screwdrivers with Alan wrenches, as well as sharp carbide cutters. There is a bridge pin puller for acoustic guitars and hand pliers for pulling strings through. The nylon sheath stores the tool on a belt or in a guitar case.





The StagePlayer2
The SP2 is a revolutionary new concept: a durable folding guitar stand that doubles as a stool with a foot rest, ideal for concert stage, home use, or in-store displays. To the working musician, the StagePlayer™ Guitar Stool and Stand will serve as a seat during those marathon gigs. Between sets, simply put the guitar in the handy, padded cradle for safe storage.






The Guitar Wheel
The Guitar Wheel is a music theory tool designed to help musicians of all instruments, including vocalists, understand and visualize music theory. It is used by teachers, students, and musicians of all levels as a handy teaching aid, songwriting/composing tool, and a quick reference of music theory. With as much music theory as one book, it fits in a guitar case and contains a special curved guitar neck design that provides convenient visualization of theory on the guitar. The Guitar Wheel costs less than two guitar lessons, needs no batteries, and is always ready on the go.





Entertainer’s Secret
Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief is a spray for dry sore throat and hoarse voice. Effective, safe, and fast-acting, this popular product soothes a singer’s throat and smoothes the voice, delivering moisture directly to dry spots in a singer’s throat and reducing congestion, to restore and maintain voice quality and throat comfort.






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Since 2001, Farley’s has been in the business of making life a bit more enjoyable for today’s musician. Creative musical accessories and distinctive concepts set Farley’s apart. Their sought-after line of products has been sold throughout the world, satisfying beginner to the most advanced musicians. The able, professional team at Farley’s Musical Essentials sets high standards for customer service as they present world class product offerings. The company headquarters and warehouse are located in Gold Hill, Oregon.