Alfred Music Donates More Than $8,000 Worth of Music to Heart of Los Angeles Foundation

Alfred Music Donates More Than $8,000 Worth of Music to Heart of Los Angeles Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As part of its ongoing philanthropy, Alfred Music recently donated more than $8,000 of music education materials to local nonprofit Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), which provides local underserved youth with academics, arts and athletics programs in the Rampart District. Members of the Alfred Music team visited HOLA’s music program to meet the students and staff, and present them with sheet music, songbooks, and method books.

HOLA provides group music instruction, private lessons, rock, and jazz programs to Los Angeles-area youth, ages 6-19. HOLA is also home to the Youth Orchestra LA (YOLA) at HOLA program, a partnership with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association in which 240 young musicians participate in a full youth orchestra (YOLA at HOLA) and choir program inspired by Venezuela’s revolutionary El Sistema. YOLA at HOLA students participate in 15 hours per week of ensemble instruction, musicianship, singing and solfége and targeted academic tutoring. This helps students gain an increased understanding of music theory, history, and composition, improvement in performance and ensemble playing, plus self-esteem, and willingness to try new things.

"What's wonderful about HOLA is that we offer free and exception programming, providing opportunities our youth cannot get anywhere else, inside or outside of school. Support from the community, like Alfred Music's donation, is how we're able to do a lot more with a lot less," said Lee Schube, Communications Director for HOLA. "YOLA at HOLA fosters social change through music. Through this program, the students are learning skills that they will take with them through their life."

Alfred Music regularly gives back to its local and global communities, whether it is by providing products or employees donating their time to charitable organizations. "We are so happy to share our resources with this great organization," said Alfred Music CEO Ron Manus. "Each time we are able to help out, we get one step closer to helping the world experience the joy of making music."

"This program is bringing classical music to our neighborhood. It's opening a world up to these kids and their families that they would not necessarily see on their own," said Schube.

Sure enough, when asked about his favorite part of the YOLA at HOLA program, Marcos Calderon, a confident 12-year-old flute player said, "When we, like, had a rough day, we can come here and relax. Hearing classical music calms you down. If you had a bad day at school or at a job, and you're really stressed out, you could come here and play your flute or whatever instrument you have, and it relaxes you."