Revolutionary Guitar Practice Tool PocketStringsTM Now Distributed by Alfred Music

Revolutionary Guitar Practice Tool PocketStringsTM Now Distributed by Alfred Music

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, June 10, 2013
What if you could practice your guitar skills any time? The revolutionary new tool, PocketStringsTM, now distributed by Alfred Music, is an accessory that helps guitarists of all levels to practice their left- and right-hand guitar techniques without an actual instrument. This portable pocket-sized fretboard with an authentic guitar feel, creates new opportunities for guitarists to improve their craft anywhere and anytime.

With real strings, real-wood fretboard, real frets, and a strum pad, PocketStrings allows guitarists to silently practice chords, scales, and rhythms. The durable plastic case is light and easy to carry, and can be used in places that a guitar cannot, such as the office, airplanes, school, dinner table, etc. Its real guitar strings can be adjusted or changed according to preference and skill level, to help build finger strengths and calluses.

"Imagine what you could do with an extra 15 minutes of practice each day," said co-founder Te Lawrence. "Of course, PocketStrings is not meant to be a replacement for playing an actual guitar, but to give guitarists that extra opportunity to hone their skills outside of actual playing time or when a guitar is not available."

The idea for PocketStrings emerged while Lawrence and Gavin Van Wagoner were working in an office and wishing to play their guitars during the day. These eclectic entrepreneurs with backgrounds in business, online marketing, consumer advocacy, and, most importantly, music, went to work, using the fretboard and strings of an old guitar to create a prototype. Soon after, their idea began to take shape, and they developed a professional model, complete with ergonomically-appropriate components.

"PocketStrings is one of the hottest new accessories on the market today," said Steve Harder, Alfred Music's Director of Business Development. "It is a perfect fit with Alfred Music's educational products, to give our music makers an additional tool to success."

'We are seeing PocketStrings build better guitarists," said Lawrence. "That extra practice time really helps to create good techniques and habits, which stay with you, regardless of the tool you use."

PocketStrings is exclusively distributed by Alfred Music and is available for $29.95 in music retail stores and at To view a video trailer of this product, click here.