Alfred’s Mini Music Guides Released by Alfred Music

Alfred’s Mini Music Guides Released by Alfred Music

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Wednesday, June 05, 2013
Alfred's Mini Music Guides provide essential information in a convenient size that will easily fit in DVD-sized racks. These books are printed in travel sizes to be taken anywhere the user needs to go. The first titles to be released in this series are thePiano Chord Dictionary, Rhyming Dictionary, Guitar Chord Dictionary, and Ukulele Chord Dictionary.

The Piano Chord Dictionary includes numerous advanced features, making it the most useful compact piano chord dictionary available. It provides clear diagrams, fingerings, and note names for over 600 chords in all 12 keys. Including a section on voice leading and voicing for the melody, this guide reviews essential music theory concepts like chord construction, inversions, and advanced voicing. Standard notation is included in bass and treble clefs.

With over 36,000 words organized in a practical, easy-to-find format, Rhyming Dictionary is the most useful compact rhyming dictionary available. This tool features the most-often used words in popular music and can be used by songwriters, lyricists, and poets to aid in lyric writing and rhyming schemes. Words are listed in a familiar dictionary-style layout in an effort to be as user-friendly as possible.

Offering over 1,100 chord fingerings in all 12 keys, Guitar Chord Dictionary provides an easy-to-follow reference guide for acoustic and electric guitarists. This tool includes the most practical and essential fingerings, as well as an easy-to understand introduction to basic chord theory to assist the beginning guitarist build basic skills and provide a solid reference tool for the intermediate to advanced guitarist.

With 900 chord fingerings for all 12 keys, Ukulele Chord Dictionary is a compact ukulele chord dictionary that is both convenient and useful for the traveling musician. This user-friendly reference guide features an introduction to basic chord theory with a section on building and using movable chords. It demonstrates 20 chord types in all 12 keys. Sections on unique chord voicings and moveable barre chords are included.

"We designed these books with the end user and dealer in mind,” said Donny Trieu, MI Senior Editor at Alfred Music. “Each book contains 232 pages of valuable content and measures approximately 5” by 7”. This allows for easy display for our dealers in existing DVD displays, while also providing a convenient size for the musician on-the-go."

As part of Alfred Music's ongoing commitment to the environment, Alfred's Mini Music Guides are printed on 100% recycled paper. Alfred’s Mini Music Guides are are now available for $15.99-$36.99 at music retail stores and at