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New Guitar World Instructional DVDs Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Thursday, January 17, 2013
Alfred distributes new Guitar World instructional DVDs for beginning and experienced guitarists, including How to Play Blues in the Style of Albert King and 20 Essential Beginner's Blues Licks, Bluegrass Licks, and Acoustic Rock Licks. These educational resources offer in-depth lessons and insight for those interested in playing blues and bluegrass styles.

Perfect for blues guitarists and fans of the legendary Albert King, the Guitar World: How to Play Blues in the Style of Albert King DVD teaches everything needed to unlock the secrets of Albert’s incredible blues style. His distinctive bends, rapid-fire phrasing, sweet vibrato, licks, patterns, and tricks are all demonstrated to help viewers achieve the sound of one of the best guitarists in blues history.

The Guitar World: 20 Essential Beginner's Blues Licks DVD is a great companion for guitarists who are beginners to blues, covering the styles of Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and other blues greats. This lick pack teaches classic 12-bar shuffle rhythm patterns, walking bass lines, how to add fills to rhythm patterns, using hybrid picking and palm muting, classic blues turnarounds, and expressive elements, such as finger slides, sweeps and bends, plus much more.

For guitarists interested in bluegrass, the Guitar World: 20 Essential Bluegrass Licks DVD contains lessons to master the basics of bluegrass, plus learn the standard tune “Whiskey Before Breakfast.” Topics cover standard strum accompaniment patterns in the keys of C and G, alternating bass lines, walk-ups, hammer-on and pull-off embellishments, flat-picking melodies, banjo-style forward and backward rolls, “old-timey” and traditional Irish licks with unison notes and “floaters,” and much more.

Guitarists who enjoy classic rock can learn the ins and outs of acoustic rock guitar with the 20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks DVD. Techniques from players like Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and others are covered, as well as the basics of playing rockabilly, early rock, The Beatles, and Delta blues styles. The DVD also includes instruction on versatile rhythm patters, arpeggiated open chords, open suspended chords, hammers and pulls, and more.

The new Guitar World DVDs are now available for $9.99-$14.95 each at music retail stores and at