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Belwin Contest Winners Piano Solo Books 14 Released by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Wednesday, December 19, 2012
From the Belwin-Mills and Summy-Birchard catalog, Alfred releases Belwin Contest Winners, Books 1-4, a collection of the most popular and effective elementary to intermediate piano solos from verteran educational composers such as Martha Mier, Robert Vandall, David Carr Glover, William L. Gillock, Jon George, Lynn Freeman Olson, and more. The pieces included in this series represent the most popular and effective solos drawn from festival and contest lists.

Over the years, Belwin-Mills and Summy-Birchard produced extensive libraries of quality elementary to intermediate supplementary piano music. The Belwin Contest Winners books include thoughtfully written and carefully graded original compositions that contribute to a successful learning experience. For convenience, the solos in each book are placed in approximate order of difficulty.

Book 1 contains 15 piano solos for early elementary through elementary students. Titles: Batter Up! * Beaded Moccasins * Boogie Brigade * Bright Painted Ponies * Calico Waltz * Calliope * Day Dreams * Distant Chimes * Here Comes the Band * The Little Frog * Noisy Woodpecker * Racing Trains * Swans * Trumpets * Turtle Talk.

Book 2 contains 12 piano solos for elementary through late elementary students. Titles: Astronauts Salute * At the Trading Post * Blinky the Robot * Cool Blue * First Sonatina in F Major * The Frisky Filly * The Golden Harp * March of the Ghosts * Night Clouds * Pagoda * Quiet Lagoon * Tricky Traffic.

Book 3 contains 12 piano solos for early intermediate through intermediate students. Titles: Aeolian Harp * Braziliana * Ceremonial * Coffee Beans * Hopak * Ole * Reflections of the Moon * Shadows on the Moon * Sonatina in A Minor * Spanish Serenade * The Spider Dance * The Viking.

Book 4 contains 7 piano solos for intermediate through late intermediate students. Titles: Jazz Miniature * Jazz Sonatina * Lament * The Peacock * Phrygian Toccata * Pinwheels * Starlight Waltz.

Belwin Contest Winners, Books 1-4 are now available for $7.99 each at music retail stores and The Value Pack of all four books is also available for $20.00.