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Sound Innovations for Guitar Teacher Edition Helps All Music Educators Transition into Teaching Guitar

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, September 10, 2012
Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, releases the corresponding Teacher Edition to the Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 method, with lesson plans, suggestions for expansion and assessment, and more. In addition to being a great resource for guitar teachers, this method is perfect for band and orchestra teachers transitioning into teaching guitar. As music teachers are increasingly asked to teach more than one type of class, this method provides the support they need, regardless of the level of guitar experience.

Written by Aaron Stang (author and Grammy® Award-winning guitarist) and Bill Purse (Guitar Chair at Duquesne University), Sound Innovations for Guitar emphasizes teaching real-world guitar skills so students can begin playing right away. Its revolutionary pedagogy starts off by teaching chords and notes on the low E string to promote better fretboard understanding, build solid left- and right-hand technique, and to allow students to begin playing fundamental bass-line type rock and blues patterns early on.

Providing students and teachers with an exciting and rewarding guitar class experience, lessons focus on learning all skills in the context of great repertoire ranging in style from folk to blues, flamenco, rock, and classical music, as well as core guitar skills like strumming and fingerpicking, chords, playing pivotal rock and blues riffs, improvising, reading music, and applying music theory.

Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 Teacher Edition contains 36 complete one-week units/lesson plans that utilize solid pedagogy and multimedia integration. The lessons progress through six major levels and provide student learning goals, access to reproducible enrichment and enhancement pages, expansion suggestions, performance advice, assessment tools, and clear guidance as to reasonable expected outcomes.

The Teacher Edition also includes a DVD containing three and a half hours of video lessons, as well as MP3 recordings of every example and song in the book, with play-along accompaniments. The authors also provide dozens of free downloadable worksheets to supplement the teacher’s book, and have opened up an email helpline, where teachers can directly email questions about the method and teaching guitar.

“The challenge for classroom music teachers is that a guitarist requires a very different skill set from the brass, woodwind or string player. They aren’t difficult skills, just different,” said author Aaron Stang. “Through the method book, the teacher edition and our online help center we can show classroom music teachers exactly what those skills are; empowering them to teach a more successful guitar class and expand their own musical skill set.”

View the Sound Innovations for Guitar trailer and visit to learn more about the method. Sound Innovations for Guitar, Book 1 Teacher Edition (00-39349) Book, CD & DVD is now available for $19.99 at music retail stores and at