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The Guitarist's Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Friday, July 27, 2012
Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, distributes The Guitarist’s Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools, a comprehensive book with a wealth of detailed and practical how-to from Course Technology, a division of Cengage Learning.

The Guitarist's Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools introduces guitarists of any experience level to the vast array of innovative hardware and software products available from Line 6. Author and Line 6 expert user Chris Buono shares a powerful compilation of practical guidance, detailed images, insightful tutorials, and exclusive artist testimonials to help Line 6 users get in on some of the most widely-used music trends. The straightforward guide also introduces readers to some of today's most exciting gear advances from the pioneering manufacturer – such as the venerable PODs and Variax modeling guitars – to the groundbreaking stompboxes, amps, digital wireless solutions, and recording options.

The guidebook is split into 10 chapters and 3 appendixes. The first three chapters dole out current Line 6 offerings and introduce vital preliminary components. The guidebook then moves into gear, starting with the world of Spider amps, followed by a look into the iconic POD series. The remainder of the book covers studio setup, interfaces, and software, capping off with a run through of Line 6 extras. The Appendixes include never-before-assembled compilation of model listings, Line 6 innovations, and modeling inventory.

Chris Bruno infiltrates the modern world of guitar from all directions as a recording artist, sideman, music journalist/columnist, music educator, author, video clinician, product clinician – and the list goes on. By perpetually morphing his media profile, Chris’s artistic output is nearly impossible to pigeonhole into a singular category.

The Guitarist’s Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools (54-1435460448) is now available for $29.99 at music retail stores and at