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Guitar World The Alchemical Guitarist, Volumes 1 & 2 Instructional DVD Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Thursday, July 12, 2012
Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, releases Guitar World’s new instructional DVDs The Alchemical Guitarist, Volumes 1 & 2, which offer guitarists of all instruction levels new ways to see the fretboard that can facilitate everything from positional play to soloing, to moving up and down the neck smoothly and quickly.

The Alchemical Guitarist DVDs present 12 videos each, accompanied by columns from Richard Lloyd – Guitar World columnist, founding member of the groundbreaking New York band Television, and member of the legendary proto-punk band Rocket From The Tombs. Throughout the instructional videos, Richard gives viewers a new and comprehensive way to understand the fretboard – one that unlocks the mysteries that so often confuse and frustrate guitarists, whether they are beginning or advanced players.

The Alchemical Guitarist, Volume 1 present lessons on topics that include the cycle of fourths and fifths, unlocking modes with the mystical major-scale diagram, the five-chord cycle, modes in order of descending brightness, the modal step-down practice method, breaking free with pentatonic trees, positional play and the pentatonic boxes, emphasizing minor thirds in and out of the boxes, three maps for moving in and out of the boxes, and much more.

As a follow-up to the first DVD, The Alchemical Guitarist, Volume 2 delivers more insights to help players understand the fretboard in a clear pattern-based method. Lessons include playing walking bass on the guitar, chord qualities and vertical strength, working with diatonic thirds, sixths and 10ths, modular routing up the fretboard, double pull-offs and hammer-ons in open position, learning scale patterns one string at a time, the circle of fourths/fifths progressions, intervals, pedaling and chord arpeggios in positional play, using pentatonic bends to make your playing mistake free, gaining chord powers with "finger anchors," a study in triad inversions, and much more.

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