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The Music Theory and Transposing Poster Distributed by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Alfred Music Publishing, world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, distributes The Music Theory & Transposing Guide Poster, a 24" x 36" reference chart that helps make understanding, teaching, and using music theory easy, from Castalia Communications.

The Music Theory & Transposing Guide Poster is designed for all musicians, music teachers, arrangers, songwriters, band leaders, choir directors—anyone with an interest in playing music and understanding the principles of harmony and how it works. Perfect for display in a school music room, rehearsal space, and recording studio, the poster covers fundamentals such as Key Signatures, the Circle of Fifths, and the Great Staff, complete with easy-to-understand graphics. Castalia’s Table of Keys and Chord and Scale Table use a system of numbers based on the tones of the major scale (DO-RE-MI=1-3-5, etc.) to represent the notes of scales and chords (the Universal Key). The system shows the notes for all chords and scales as well as which scales are commonly played with which chords to get the characteristic sounds of all styles of popular music, from classical to rock, county, blues, Latin, folk, pop, and jazz.

The poster’s cross-reference system makes transposing songs and scores quick and easy even for those who do not read music. It also shows how to write chord charts and transpose progressions using the Nashville System (in which Roman Numerals are used to represent chords) which is used by professional studio musicians everywhere.

With the publication of The Music Theory & Transposing Guide Poster, music educators are provided a complete, easy-to-understand reference for music theory, positioned to help their students comprehend how music works and apply what they have learned.

Castalia was founded in 1980 to produce The Guitar Poster, a marriage of fine art and an innovative presentation of music theory that "puts the answers up on your wall." Castalia’s line of educational posters provide music educators with complete, easy-to-understand references for music and music theory that will help their students comprehend how music works and apply what they have learned. Other poster topics include Keyboard, Saxophone, MIDI, Bass Guitar, Rock Guitar, and more. The company remains dedicated to producing innovative products that beautify as well as educate.

As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this songbook is printed on 100% recycled paper stock.

The Music Theory & Transposing Guide Poster (87-39454) is now available for $9.99 at music retail stores and at