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Mandolin Method Complete Released by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, songwriters, and composers, releases Mandolin Method Complete, a well-paced comprehensive method covering basic to advanced techniques, by Greg Horne and Wayne Fugate, produced in partnership with National Guitar Workshop

Mandolin Method Complete is a step-by-step, fun, and enjoyable approach to learning how to play mandolin right away, applied to a wide range of music styles and genres. With useful chord form and fingering illustrations and helpful author notes and tips throughout the book, the instructional resource effectively breaks the age-old dilemma of dry, intimidating, and confusing method books. Beginning concepts include reading music and TAB, basic strumming patterns, alternate picking, tremolo, slides, and bluegrass and blues styles. Intermediate topics include hammer-ons, pull-offs, cross-picking, rolls, and more musical styles. The book concludes with advanced concepts like advanced harmonies, 12-bar blues, “Rhythm Changes,” chord-melody playing, modes, improvisation, and much more. Four appendixes are included for reference, titled The Elements of Music, Guide Fingers, Chord Forms, and How to Practice. An MP3 CD with demonstrations of the examples in the book is included

The National Guitar Workshop is dedicated to bringing the best in music education to guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers, and vocalists regardless of style of music or level of ability. Their highly developed courses foster meaningful experiences through performance instruction and supportive learning environments.

As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this book is printed on 100% recycled paper.

Mandolin Method Complete (00-39091) is now available for $29.99 at music retail stores and at