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New Drum Methods and Supplements Available from Alfred – The Couch Potato Workout, No-Brainer: Play Drumset, Open-Handed Playing, Volume 2 and Big Band Drumming at First Sight

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Friday, January 06, 2012

New Drum Methods and Supplements Available from Alfred – The Couch Potato Workout, No-Brainer: Play Drumset, Open-Handed Playing, Volume 2 and Big Band Drumming at First Sight

Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922 and home to the world’s largest percussion print music catalog, offers brand new drum instruction, method, and supplement books for advancing drummers: The Couch Potato Drum Workout, No-Brainer: Play Drumset, Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2, and Big Band Drumming at First Sight.

Perfect for drummers of all levels and styles, The Couch Potato Drum Workout introduces a unique way to develop power, speed, and endurance by pairing relaxation time with efficient and productive lessons. Exercises include paradiddles, single strokes, multiple strokes, flams, accents, triplets, and much more. The book also includes tips for practicing in front of the TV, as well as one-handed exercises so that changing the channel doesn’t interfere. Author Pete Sweeney introduces the book with tips on practice posture, hand technique, basic terminology, and drum notation. Detailed explanations throughout the lessons in the book make it easy to self-teach. Helpful diagrams and photos depict proper technique and offer creative ways to practice on the couch.

No-Brainer: Play Drumset uncovers the essentials to playing drumset in a friendly paced method, designed to get beginning drummers playing within just a few pages. The simple and direct approach begins with basics such as setting up the drumset and proper hand and foot technique, and moves quickly into learning beats and fills in a variety of musical styles. Odd time signatures and other advanced techniques like polyrhythms, the stick shot, buzz strokes, time and tempo manipulation, and much more are also covered. The informative companion DVD includes video for the basic instruction portion of the book and audio tracks for every example, providing a comprehensive multimedia experience.

Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2 (distributed by Alfred) is a step-by-step approach to incorporating the cutting-edge style into a drummer’s vocabulary, by Claus Hessler, one of the most in-demand drum coaches and clinicians, and Dom Famularo, one of the most respected solo drum artists in the world. Starting right where the widely popular first volume left off, the lessons feature detailed descriptions on this technique, paired with photos of drummers in action, making for an engaging learning experience for beginners, as well as for experienced drummers seeking to build their current knowledge base. The method provides a wide range of repertoire with funky intermediate- to advanced-level grooves utilizing linear patterns and rudiments, and includes a companion play-along CD, featuring eight new play-along tracks.

Big Band Drumming at First Sight is a comprehensive approach to improving sight-reading skills in a big band setting, written by the highly esteemed drummer, author, educator, and columnist, Steve Fidyk. Geared for any drummer with basic knowledge of drum notation, a thorough introduction to sight-reading essentials is followed by an in-depth analysis of each of the 10 big band arrangements, with helpful tips and commentary along the way. The companion CD contains full-band demo and minus-drums recording versions for play-along to all the big band arrangement found in the book. Isolated beat and ensemble figure transcriptions in the method book are also included in three loop configurations: reference, practice loop at a slower tempo, and performance loop at tempo. As a bonus, a complete set of marked and unmarked printable drum parts with scores are also made available.

The Couch Potato Drum Workout (00-38806), No-Brainer: Play Drumset (00-37504), Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2 Book & CD (00-38832), Big Band Drumming at First Sight (00-37262) are now available at music retail stores and at