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Alfred Music Publishing Expands Its Theory for Busy Teens Series with Book 3

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, releases Theory for Busy Teens, Book 3, the newest installment to the course designed for teens who want to further develop their skills in music theory but have limited time to study it.

The Theory for Busy Teens, Book 3 books include eight units, each containing a succinct introduction to the subject matter, short drills for five days of the week, and extra credit examples with further challenges. For the busy student, graphics and examples within the lessons offer a quick and efficient way of learning. For the teacher, study guides, a mid-term review, a final review, and extra credit are great tools to monitor and assess student progress. Tips to the teacher and student are also included, giving advice on the best ways to utilize the method.

"While the books are geared toward the piano player, any instrumentalist can get a great deal of worth out of these books. This is especially true for vocalists looking to increase their ability to sight-sing and understand transpositions and piano accompaniment." —MusicGearReview

Each book builds off of the previous level, and covers various aspects of rhythm, intervals, major and minor scales, major and minor key signatures, musical terms and symbols, major and minor triads, first and second inversions, and chord progressions.

Series correlates to the Piano for Busy Teens series from same authors Melody Bober, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster.

The Theory for Busy Teens, Book 3 books are now available for $7.99 each, as well as value packs for $15.99 each, and can be found at music retail stores and at