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The New Basics: Guitar Method Released by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Friday, July 29, 2011
Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, is proud to announce the release of The New Basics: Guitar, an innovative guitar method that makes learning fun with rock and blues styles, written by veteran guitar educator and National Guitar Workshop co-founder Nathaniel Gunod.

Geared for self-teaching or classrooms, The New Basics: Guitar creates on an enjoyable guitar learning experience using rock and blues style music—all while encouraging the elimination of fear and restriction of playing various styles. The method differs from most other beginning guitar books in that it starts instruction on the lowest string and almost immediately has the player moving up the neck to the 12th fret, and demonstrates several places to play almost every note. Lessons begin with TAB notation and transitions into music notation, making it easy to start playing the guitar right away. Chord symbols are present on every exercise as a helpful guide to playing through the lessons. The book leads students to playing full chords and staple rock and blues techniques such as sliding and bending.

The New Basics: Guitar includes engaging features such as helpful side notes and additional performance tips. For those who are self-teaching, detailed diagrams about the guitar, holding and tuning the guitar, rhythm patterns, left-hand technique, and strumming styles are included. The accompanying CD provides audio examples of the exercises in the book, so students can reference the proper interpretation, rhythm, and feel of each lesson. A foreword, with direct notes to both the student and teacher, charts the best way to approach to the method for maximum playability.

As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this songbook is printed on environmentally responsible paper.

The New Basics: Guitar Book & CD (00-37236) is now available at music retail stores and at