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Piece by Piece: Pieces for Solo Piano Books 1 and 2 Released by Alfred Music Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Friday, July 01, 2011

Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music since 1922, announces the release of Piece by Piece, Books 1 and 2, a new piano series of early intermediate to intermediate solos, by Tom Gerou.

The books are designed to give the student the opportunity to explore a variety of styles, techniques, textures, and moods. The foreward in both books explains each solo’s unique teaching technique.

Written for the early intermediate pianist, Book 1 contains eight original color pieces that are intended to encourage the understanding of music and piano playing though a variety of techniques. These include solos with melodic material in different keys, A-B-A form, transitional scale passages, melodic material in compact form, tri-tones, and rhythmic anticipations.

Book 2 contains seven original color pieces for the intermediate pianist. Elaborating on the techniques learned in Book 1, Book 2 includes solos in various styles such as tango, baroque, samba, and jazz. Additional concepts taught include time signature changes, finger patterns, finger crossings, hand-over-hand technique, contrast rhythms, and playing in perfect 5ths. Piece by Piece, Books 1 and 2 (00-37732, 00-37733) are both available for $6.99 each and can be found at music retail stores and at