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Alfred Music Publishing Celebrates Earth Day with Alfred Cares Initiative

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, April 18, 2011

Alfred Music Publishing proudly recognizes Earth Day (April 22nd) by continuing its Alfred Cares initiative, an ever-expanding program that promotes environmental conservation through changes the company has made to save trees, electricity, and water.

In the last 22 months since the program went live, the Alfred Cares initiative has helped the company produce 813 thousand units (comprising over 100 million pages) on 100% recycled paper, amounting to approximately 95% of the books and music it has published during this period. Additionally, over 225 thousand DVDs have been produced with 100% recycled packaging.

Alfred has continued to make an impact within its own operations at various facilities. Last year the company transitioned to a paperless warehouse where the workers now use headsets and speak into a computer when orders arrive, eliminating the need for paper when processing orders for shipment. The warehouse lighting, which was previously comprised of mainly incandescent lighting, is now using energy-efficient fluorescent models, which last longer and use approximately 50% less power. This change saves approximately 140,000 kilowatts annually.

At its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, Alfred employees regularly take part in recycling paper, batteries, and electronic “e-waste” to be picked up by various recycling companies every month. Though this process generates a small amount of revenue, the company uses it to offer breakfasts for its employees as a reward for taking part in the Alfred Cares initiative and protecting the environment. The offices have also completely switched to water-free urinals, each of which saves approximately 40,000 gallons of water from being used each year.

“Even in the most difficult economic times, a company still has a responsibility to protect the environment from waste,” said Ron Manus, Alfred CEO. “We hope that the humble effects of our own changes will inspire other companies to do the same. Collectively, the difference our industry can make for the world is astounding.”

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