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Alfred Releases The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook, the Guide to Creating and Recording Great Guitar Sounds

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Friday, February 11, 2011

Alfred Music Publishing proudly releases The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook, the definitive guide to creating and recording great guitar sounds, by Bobby Oswinski and Rich Tozzoli.

For all guitarists, the quest to finding the guitar tone they hear in their heads and then recording it is a never-ending journey. The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook is the definitive guide to discovering that great, elusive guitar sound and making sure it's recorded well.

Guitarists of any level will learn a variety of subjects pertaining to guitar tone in both performance and recording, including: the factors that determine the sound of an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and amplifier; the type of wood used to build an acoustic guitar and their differences in tone; the techniques A-list engineers use to record electric and acoustic guitars; why the wood in a speaker cabinet makes a difference; how to recreate the guitar production techniques heard on professional records; the secret to using alternate tunings on recordings; and more.

In addition, the book features a series of interviews with expert players, guitar technicians, recording engineers, record producers, and gear manufacturers to give you an inside look into the business of guitar tone. The included DVD provides both audio and visual reference points to help guitarists achieve the classic sounds heard on their favorite records.

The Ultimate Guitar Tone Handbook book and DVD (00-36620) is now available for $39.99 at music retail stores or at