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Alfred Music Publishing Releases Second Set of Marian McPartland Portraits for Piano

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, November 08, 2010

Alfred Music Publishing, the official print music publisher of thousands of popular artists, is excited to announce the publication of a second volume of note-for-note piano transcriptions of Marian McPartland’s “Portraits,” as improvised by the legendary jazz pianist on her popular radio program.

Marian McPartland Portraits: The Second Set is the sequel to her previously published collection of musical impressions of famous personalities interviewed on the Grammy® award-winning National Public Radio program, Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz. In this second edition, McPartland's compositions celebrate the personalities and musicality of actor Clint Eastwood, writer Whitney Balliett, composer Burt Bacharach, jazz musicians Ron Carter, Keith Jarrett, and Dr. Billy Taylor, and her own musical reflection of Bix Beiderbecke.

“‘Here Goes…’ usually precedes her piano Portraits of her guests on Piano Jazz,” says Krista Seddon, transcriber and copyist for Marian McPartland. “In her words, ‘All I have to do is visualize my guest, whoever he or she might be, and then put my thoughts and that picture under my fingers and onto the keyboard.’”

Marian McPartland Portraits: The Second Set is now available for $17.99. Also available is Marian McPartland Portraits, her first set, for $19.95. Pick up your copies at a local music retail store, or buy them today at

Portraits: Clint Eastwood * Burt Bacharach * Earma * Bix * Dr. Billy Taylor * Ron Carter * Keith Jarrett * Eldar * Whitney Balliett.