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Alfred Proudly Presents Renowned Drummer Billy Martin’s New Film, Life on Drums

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alfred Music Publishing, home to the world's largest percussion print music catalog, is proud to distribute Life on Drums, a new straight-to-DVD film that provides unique insight in to the art, philosophy, and life of celebrated drummer Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood).

Life on Drums is a striking examination of the drummer's art, captivatingly rendered with cinematic grace and intrigue, taken directly from the ears, eyes, and hands of renowned percussionist and educator Billy Martin. Equally relevant to newcomers as it is to experienced musicians, this DVD combines candid, wide-ranging conversations with Martin's first drum teacher, Allen Herman, and beautifully filmed performances of Martin's compositions for percussion ensemble and improvised trap set solos and duets. The film's distinct elements work together to impart a refreshing approach to instruction that prizes the creative and the intuitive over the merely technical. The resulting film—fiery and passionate yet practical and insightful—is a riveting extension of Martin's open-ended approach to percussion, improvisation, and music.

Life on Drums is about the art of drumming and percussion, and my concepts, methods, and philosophy of what is important. I’m trying to be as honest and sincere as I am about who I am and what I’m trying to say, and then demonstrate how these philosophies can be used,” commented Martin on his new DVD. “I want people to see this film and realize that, no matter what degree of technical skill they possess, they can be an artist.”

Life on Drums is now available for $19.99. Pick up your copy at a local music retail store, or buy it today at