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Alfred Releases Halloween Songbook Featuring Movie, Popular, Novelty, and Classical Tunes

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Thursday, August 19, 2010

Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing since 1922, is thrilled to release The Halloween SongBOOk, arranged for piano and voice, including chords for guitar.

The Halloween SongBOOk presents 27 frightfully fun songs to play and sing, whether it’s Halloween or any other time of year. The book contains spooky music from movies such as Corpse Bride and Ghostbusters, popular and novelty songs such as “Monster Mash” and “Witchy Woman,” and creepy classical melodies you will recognize, such as “Danse Macabre” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

The Halloween SongBOOk is now available for $14.99. Pick up your copy at a local music retail store, or buy it today at

Titles: Ghostbusters * Interview with the Vampire * This Is Halloween * Monster Mash * Pumpkin Head Harvey * The Purple People Eater * Welcome to My Nightmare * Werewolves of London * Witchy Woman * Dance Macabre * Funeral March of a Marionette (Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme) * and many more.