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Alfred Music Publishing Joins Forces with MMPA to Offer Hassle-Free MusicMags Magazine Distribution Program for Music Retailers

LOS ANGELES, CA  -  Monday, August 02, 2010

Alfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing since 1922, is thrilled to announce that it has joined forces with the Music Magazine Publishers Association (MMPA) to exclusively distribute the complete selection of MusicMags titles to music retailers, making it easier than ever for stores to profit from the industry’s top magazines.

MusicMags is a hassle-free magazine distribution program with inherent added value that positively affects a retailer’s bottom line. In addition to generating an average of 2.5 times the industry standard in annual revenue/square foot, providing MusicMags titles in any music instrument store is an effortless way to generate product sales throughout the store, increase foot traffic, build customer loyalty, and enhance sales promotions. “Alfred is excited to distribute the MusicMags program,” Alfred’s Director of Distribution, Bob Durkee, stated. “Being a part of the music industry for over 80 years, Alfred brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this new venture that will make both music retailers and magazine publishers more profitable and successful with magazine sales, while making transactions between the parties more manageable and enjoyable.”

Managed by the MMPA and distributed through Alfred to music stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, MusicMags exclusively supplies a selection of over two dozen leading music magazines—spanning every category from drums, guitars, bass, digital, pro audio, band and orchestra, and performing, to even music business, education and entertainment—including best-sellers Guitar World, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Acoustic Guitar, DRUM!, Vintage Guitar, Sound on Sound, Recording, Revolver, and more. Carrying magazines is now easier for veteran MusicMags retailers and newcomers alike with no cover returns, a single point of contact for customer service, consolidated shipments and invoices, and zero-risk—full credit is given for all unsold copies. “Alfred has had a straight-forward business approach, an honest and eager demeanor, and an obvious willingness to make a substantial investment in the success of the MusicMags program,” Paige Segler, MMPA’s Executive Director, commented. “All of our publishers are looking forward to this new relationship, and we’re confident our retailers are going to appreciate the improvements we’ve made.”

Effective immediately, music retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada can now easily add today’s most popular music magazines to their store's Alfred order, customizing their selection of titles to cater to their unique customer base. Initial response to the new program has been overwhelming, with new retailers participating and new publishers signing on to make their magazines available through MusicMags’ exclusive program. To view the complete list of magazines available through MusicMags or to learn more information, please visit