Garritan Virtual Software Instruments

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand
The magnificent Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano was placed in Abbey Road Studios’ legendary Studio One, where award-winning engineers used the world’s greatest microphones and equipment to create a truly stunning virtual instrument.

Every facet of this project—the instrument, the room, the engineers, and the microphones—reflects the perfection only the most passionate can produce.

Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand features three discrete perspectives: Classic—captures the natural tonal character, clarity, and nuance of the instrument, Contemporary—produces a bright and brilliant sound with definitive attack from the hammers, Player—delivers the unique experience of playing from the piano bench in Studio One.

Classic Pipe Organs™
Bring the power and majesty of the pipe organ into your studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home. This collection spans 400 years of organ building with instruments from the Baroque, Classical, Renaissance, Romantic, and Modern eras. Create new instruments, and place any organ in a cathedral, concert hall, or other space for spectacular results.
Instant Orchestra™
Create full cinematic orchestrations from just a few lines of music. With pre-packaged combinations and mash-ups, mood-based presets, and orchestral effects, you can evoke any emotion-instantly. This collection provides an empowering experience where almost any musician can sound like an A-list Hollywood composer, by simply creating just a few staves of music.
World Instruments™
A unique, comprehensive sound library featuring more than 350 virtual software instruments from around the world. From traditional Chinese orchestras to Gamelan ensembles, from Taiko groups to Bollywood bands, Garritan World Instruments gives you the tools to add exotic sounds to your music.

Concert & Marching Band™
This sound library breathes life into everything from piccolos to sousaphones, and offers the broadest range of concert and marching percussion options. Created to capture the energy and timbre of these ensembles, this library is ideal for teaching or learning band, writing drill routines, or adding band instrument sounds to your tracks.
Jazz & Big Band™
This award-winning library is the first virtual software instrument library that truly captures the distinctive jazz sounds, ranges, and techniques of authentic jazz and big band groups. Express yourself with this unique collection of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, keyboards, basses, and rhythm sections.
An innovative virtual harps collection is the next step in the revolution that GigaHarp started over a dozen years ago. In addition to pure, pristine recordings of each note and a full range of harp articulations, new technologies give you advanced glissando emulation, sampled acoustic spaces, and much more.
Personal Orchestra 5™
GPO 5 represents the next step, with many additional new instruments, techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances to provide the next level of breathtaking realism. Included are strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, choirs, and keyboards: more than 500 instruments in all.
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