INTERNSHIP-Music Rental Library

Alfred Music Publishing
Music Rental Library Internship
This is an excellent opportunity for a student in a music major to gain valuable experience and training in the business of print music publishing.
The internship schedule will be flexible around the student's class schedule, and will be arranged between the student intern and the manager of the rental library.
Internship will be offered each semester.
Rental Library: Alfred owns a large and ever growing library of performance works available to orchestras and other ensembles on a rental basis, including music from many classic films such as THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, GONE WITH THE WIND, LORD OF THE RINGS and POLAR EXPRESS, operas by Gian Carlo Menotti, and works by many important composers such as Astor Piazzolla, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Robert Russell Bennett, Robert Shaw and many more.
Master Recordings: Originally created to promote the sale of Alfred’s arrangements, Alfred's library of thousands of recordings may be licensed for use in films, or a wide variety of other uses. Before the content can be licensed, the recordings are categorized by genre, type of performance, duration and other criteria.

Rental Library:
1. Learn how to organize a library of ensemble music, create a catalog listing, and evaluate the condition of musical works. The objective is to determine what is necessary to prepare musical material for performance.
2. Learn to create advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities for works in a library.
3. Learn to create a promotional calendar of important dates such as composer birth dates, and anniversaries.
4. Learn how to prepare musical arrangements for rental readiness.
5. Learn how to prepare a list of important trade events where attendance would benefit awareness of a music rental library.
6. Learn how to upload library content into a website.
Familiarity with transposing music for other instruments is helpful but this can be learned during the internship.)


Internship is granted based on student's demonstrated interest in the learning opportunity as outlined above and degree to which student's background, experiences, and educational path align with the learning opportunity.


TO APPLY:  Use link to upload resume and answer questionnaire:

Each resume will be reviewed and candidates will be called for in-person interviews.