Alfred Music Marketing Internship  (For Course Credit only, Non-paid)

SPRING 2016 Internship has been filled.

Alfred's Marketing Team is responsible for reaching out to the music dealer network and many segments of educational and consumer market with a diverse range of products.  Our customers include music dealers, music directors, educators, hobbyists and musicians of all levels who are interested in teaching, learning or playing music.

This internship will involve the student intern in many areas of the department's activity in order to provide a well-rounded exposure to marketing in the educational music products industry. It is most suitable for a student who can spend about 20 hours/week with us, as there is a wealth of information to learn. The student will "shadow" members of the team in various areas of marketing throughout the internship, and management will provide the student with whatever evaluation is necessary to fulfill the school's requirements for course credit.

Days and hours:  Our office hours are officially M-F 8:00-4:30 P.M., but hours and days of internships are arranged between interns and the department manager to accommodate the student's class schedule. Once student's internship schedule is determined, the student is expected to adhere to that schedule as closely as possible. The  professionals  at  Alfred  spend  quality  time  with  our  interns  in  order  to  maximize  their  learning  experience. No "errand-running" internships here; there is hands-on training in many areas of the department.  Alfred Music Publishing is located in Van Nuys, CA near the 405 Frwy. on Roscoe Blvd.  Casual dress in office.


• How to use social networking for marketing initiatives (updating Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, blogs, etc.)
• How to create/edit short promotional videos.
• How to analyze and report Google analytics for web properties.
• How to build target list of popular forums, blogs, magazines and websites for press and product exposure.
• How to analyze and report email promo campaign statistics.
• How to write press releases.
• How to develop web content.
• How to create and post audio and GM samples on a website.


Internship is granted based on student's demonstrated interest in the learning opportunity as outlined above and degree to which student's background, experiences, and educational path align with the learning opportunity.

TO APPLY: Click on this link below to answer questionnaire and upload your resume. Please do not email resumes to the company directly.    LINK TO APPLY   or copy and paste this URL into your browser: